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Karl Johnston

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A hugh welcome to you as a Valued Visitor to Business Plan Hut!

Hi, my name is Karl Johnston, the founder and creator of the original Business Plan Hut. Over the past 20 years, I have dedicated much of my time, as a business consultant, to help hundreds of regular individuals plan, start and successfully grow their own business enterprise.

Back in the early days of my consulting profession, it was quickly discovered that most clients knew the production side of the business, but didn’t understand the other areas of starting and running a business. Furthermore, most clients lacked skills in writing a business plan, creating financial projections, managing staff, acquiring new customers, keeping customers, and so on. For some reason, financial institutions and lenders are more interested in the entrepreneur understanding these areas opposed to the actual production of the product or fulfillment of the service.

Frustrated with the thought process of such financial institutions and lenders, I decided to create Business Plan Hut to help regular people hone their skills in ALL aspects of business planning and expansion. By discovering the existing information on Business Plan Hut, you'll improve the odds of receiving the financing needed to successful start or expand your business venture.

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Thanks to the comments of our loyal website visitors, the team at Business Plan Hut will change gears by adding NEW content that shows you how to use the internet to explode sales to unbelievable levels. We are extremely excited about sharing our internet knowledge, skills and expertise with you.  You'll discover how the experts are truly making money on the Internet.

Best of luck and Success to YOU all!  

Kind Regards,

Karl P. Johnston
Founder, President


PS:  If you would like to see new content on Business Plan Hut, specific to your particular area of interest, drop us a line at content-suggestions@businessplanhut.com.  We'll do our best to add it to the site in a timely fashion.


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