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Sample Business Plan - Financial Plan for the Internet Company

Forecasted Financial Plan
(The Internet Company)

Free Sample Business Plan - Pricing Stratey for J&B Incorporated

PART A - Pricing Strategy

Free Sample Business Plan - Competition section of J&B Incorporated

Six (6) categories of competition have been identified. 1.universities, 2. colleges, 3. government sponsored entrepreneurship programs, 4. bookstores, 5. companies offering business training products, and 6. companies offering business opportunities .

Free Sample Business Plan - Marketing Plan for J&B Incorporated


J&B's overall marketing strategy is to provide customers with quality products that will assist them in owning and operating their own business venture. The product will be mass marketed using a variety of cost effective promotional vehicles. These vehicles will allow us to complete away from major competitors and directly towards insufficient ones.

The company will utilize an in-house sales force enabling the Company to continually monitor its selling tactics and strategies.

Sample Business Plan - Financial Plan Introduction to The Maple Syrup Company

Introduction to the Financial Plan
For The Maple Syrup Company


Management built the financial plan and related financial information based upon:

    A)  extensive discussions with a number of maple syrup producers in other parts of Canada;
    B)  extensive research from available sources and publications.

Quotations for applicable equipment were also secured based upon the growth factors incorporated into our plan.

Free Sample Business Plan - Research & Development of J&B Incorporated


In any industry, research and development plays a vital role in a company's future existence. This realization is even more important in industries engaging in technology products. The following items comprise J&B's research and development budget:

Free Sample Business Plan - Customer Profile for J&B Incorporated


As mentioned earlier, the Company's primary target market will be individuals wanting to establish a home based business, while our secondary target will be those wanting to start a business in general. It is extremely difficult to create a precise customer profile, since many of the our customers will span such a wide range of each segmentation variable. We do, however feel our customers will have the following characteristics;

Sample Business Plan - Introduction to The Internet Company

FINANCIAL PLAN (The Internet Company)


Introduction to the Financial Plan:

The Financial Plan outlines The Internet Company's forecasted financial statements and the assumptions made when developing them. The Company's capital requirements, how the capital is to be used and our repayment plan is also illustrated here.

Free Sample Business Plan - Advertising Plan for J&B Incorporated

PART C - Advertising & Promotions

J&B recognizes the key to our success is through extensive promotion. In year one, we have budgeted $130,000 in advertising and promotions, $150,000 for year two and $170,000 for year three. These budgets will be distributed among newspapers, magazines, radio stations and the Internet. Below provides details on each of the selected media.


Sample Business Plan - Executive Summary for Scholarship Information Services

(Scholarship Informarion Services)

Scholarship Information Services will be a company organized to help students and their parents better finance higher education. This will be done by providing them with addresses of foundations, trusts, and charitable institutions which "lend" financial aid towards higher education.

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