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Examples of Operating Expenses (Marketing & Admin)

Operating Expenses:

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Production Process


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Types of Business Insurance


The operating plan should indicate the all types of insurance your proposed business venture require. The type of insurance a business will need certainly depends on the nature of the business.   The operating Plan will simply list each type of insurance, the name of each insurance company, broker or agent, the cost of each type of insurance, when each insurance payment is to be paid, and the reason the business requires the identified insurances.

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Example of a Bank Reconciliation (Rec)

Bank Reconciliation:

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After Sale Service Business


Do you plan to offer any after sales services in your business?  If so, you will need to discuss your intensions under the Operating Plan of your Business Plan.  In general, after sales service means providing additional 'offerings' to the customer even after he/she has purchased your product. Many after sales services exist such as warrantees, repair services, restoration and cleaning, installation of product, removal of product from customers' premises, extended credit terms, and sales returns, just to name a few.

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Copyright, Trademark, Patent


A copyright protects any literary, artistic, musical or dramatic work developed by its creators as indicated under the Copyright Act. For example, if you own a business that has developed a computer program, the literature in the computer program can be protected by a copyright. Or if you have developed a training manual on "How to Start Your Own Business", a copyright will protect the manual itself, thus discouraging others from copying the material and selling it to others.

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Business Threats


The operating plan of your business plan should include a component called Business Threats.  A threat is an external factor (outside the business) that may effect the performance of your business. The most obvious effect would be a reduction in corporate sales. Often a business faces many threats, other then competition, when operating its affairs.

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Operating Plan


The operating plan, whether simple or complex, should be explained to a lender so that they fully understand how the business will acquire its products and how it will make them ready for resale. Explaining this operating plan or production process should also make the business plan reader aware that the entrepreneur has the expertise to pass on the businesses' products or services to its customer base.

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How to Select the Right Business Supplier


Your first task to selecting the right supplier is to make a list of possible suppliers that can provide the products you intend to sell or manufacture. Your next step is to obtain as much information as possible on each supplier so that you can narrow your list and determine which company can best meet your needs.

The best place to find suppliers is through Manufacturer and Wholesale Directories.  The five most common Manufacturing Directories are:

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