Free Sample Business Plan - Mission and objectives for Scholarship Information Services

Mission & Objectives
(Scholarship Information Services)


The organization's purpose is to better inform graduating high school students and university students of the many financial aid assistance programs. In the future, Scholarship Information Services wish to produce innovative manufactured products which possess major market share positions.


  • Provide full customer satisfaction with current product and future products produced.
  • Intensify the company's effort to develop innovative products.
  • Build a strong company image with our initial product which carries forward to subsequent products.
  • Have an active role in the United States and Canadian market.
  • Obtain a motivated staff which strives for increasing their efficiency and productivity. Also, one which will play an active role in the new product development process.
  • Continuously look for ways to lower production costs while, at the same time, retain quality.
  • Receive a market share of .5% to 1% for the first year of operations.
  • The company must obtain continued, controlled, profitable growth.
  • Create an informal and relaxed working environment for all members of the organization.
  • A gross margin of 40% and above is required from all products.
  • Continuously upgrade our marketing messages and communication process.
  • Maximize current profit while retaining long-run performance.

This concludes the Mission and Objectives Section of the business plan.

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