Free Sample Business Plan - Mission and Strategies for The Internet Company

Mission & Strategy Statements
(The Internet Company)



The Internet Company is an organization dedicated to developing highly skilled and motivated entrepreneurs. It is our intention to provide North Americans with the opportunity to own and operate their own business venture. To achieve this mandate we must provide "quality" information and various augmented services that will develop the personal and technical skills required by business owners. The Internet Company will be recognized for its superior quality and technological utilization.


The Internet Company will use a differentiation strategy that is based on providing a more efficient and enjoyable means of learning and comprehending the prerequisite personal and technical skills necessary in owning and maintaining a business venture. In today's environment, businesses and potential entrepreneurs must be aware of the possible internal and external forces that may effect their success as business owners. By offering detailed examples, thorough discussions on all functional areas, and by providing the tools that will enhance the learning process, especially in marketing and finance, potential business owners will greatly improve their chance for "success". Bookstores stock business publications that provide basic concepts of owning a business, however, the material does not thoroughly explain all functional areas of a business nor do they suggest specific problem areas one might experience while in business. In summary, The Internet Company plans to offer quality business training/information and several augmented services, at no charge to its users, that will ensure rapid and enjoyable learning while, at the same time, develop the prerequisite skills in owning and maintaining a business venture.

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