Free Sample Business Plan - Mission and Strategies for J&B Incorporated

(J&B Incorporated)


Mission Statement:
J&B's mission is to develop inexpensive products that will provide North Americans with the opportunity to own and operate their own business.

The Company's long-term vision is to be recognized as a leading professional organization whose aim is to provide potential entrepreneurs as well as existing small business owners with the tools necessary to successfully compete in the ever changing global economy. In addition, the Company will develop a diverse product line that is fully integrated


Strategy Statement:
Individuals buy "how to own and operate your own business" products for one reason and one reason only - THEY WANT TO OWN THEIR OWN BUSINESS. This is the most important key success factor within the industry. Companies currently selling self employment products, however, do not provide sufficient training nor the necessary resources to enable their clients to, first of all, start a business and secondly to operate a business successfully. With our business training course, however, clients will have the opportunity to encounter both of these experiences.

Another key success factor within the industry is price. Management's experience and research has uncovered the fact that individuals want to learn how to own and operate a business, however they do not want to pay hundreds of dollars in the process. By reducing the number of distribution channels, hiring an in-house sales force, and choosing a low cost media for promotions, J&B is able to set its price at half the price of rival competitors.

In summary, the Company's overall Competitive Strategy is based on Differentiation and Low Cost Production. Our differentiation strategy focuses on the issues that are most important to the buyers such as product benefits, product features, and price. The low cost production strategy focuses on the issues that are most important to J&B - ie maintaining low costs without diminishing quality.


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