Types of Businesses – Part 1 of 8


Types of Businesses

Below represents Part 1 of 8 relating to 1,200 types of businesses, types of companies, and business ideas. To view the remaining 7 Parts of our types of businesses discussion, please refer to the section entitled, Types of Businesses.


Accident Investigation Service

Acoustical Ceiling Systems & Restoration

Acrylic Poster Art

Action Figures Manufacturer

Activities Club for Singles

Ad Clipping Business

Aerial Videotaping/Photography

Aerobic Instructor

Affordable Day-Care Service

Affordable and Fashionable Lunch Boxes

After Hours Phone Order Services

Agar Processing

Agricultural consultant

Air Conditioning Product Sales

Air Balloon Rentals and Rides

Air and Water Purification Sales and Service

Air Balloon Advertising Business

Alabastrine Products

Alcohol Powered Engine Design

All Weather Coating & Installation

Alloy Wheel Restoration Business

"Pay per Call" Services

Amusement Park

Amusement Game Center

"Mystery Shopping" Service

Animal Warning Devises

Animal Obedience School

Animal Breeding Business

Animal Daycare Service

Animal Figurines Business

Animal Behavior Training Material (tapes)

Announcement Lawn Sign Rentals

Anti-Shoplifting Products and Services

Antifreeze Manufacturing

Antifreeze Recycling Business

Antique Toy Appraisal Service

Antique Table Replica Manufacturer

Antique Shop/Retailer

Antique Photo Studio

Antique Re-upholstering

Apartment and Home Finding Business

Apartment Complexes

Apple Cider Production

Appliance Repair

Aptitude Test Administrator -Sales Field

Archery Supplies Manufacturer

Area Rugs, Carpet Remnants, Door Mats

Art Instruction & Supplies Business

Art Supplies Outlet

Art Gallery

Art Show Promoter

Art Prints Gallery

Art Instruction/School

Art-Work Rentals

Arts & Craft Shop

Artwork Vending Machines

Athletic Uniforms & Awards Sales

Athletic Shoe Store

Battery Reconditioning Business

Attractive Screen & Blinds Manufacturer

Audio Bookstore/Web Store

Audio/Visual Presentations Developer

Aussie T-Shirts, Caps, Jeans

Author/Publishing Company

Auto Accident Appraisal

Auto Purchasing Consultant

Auto Painting Shop

Auto Interior Re-coloring Products/Service

Automated Medical Services

Automated Appliances & Devices

Automated Bank Drafting Systems

Automated Wood Splitting Business

Automobile Dent Repair Service (mobile)

Baby Animal Pins

Baby Food Manufacturer

Baby Shoe, etc Bronzing Service

Baby Mobile Manufacturer

Baby Safety Furniture

Baby Furniture Shop

Baby Photography

Baby Supplies Store

Back Pack Designer/Manufacturer

Badge Making Business

Bagel Shop


Bakery for Dogs & Other Pets

Ballet School

Banners/Signs - Computerized, etc

Bargain Discount Outlets

Bartering System Organizer

Baseball Cap Manufacturer

Baseball/Sport Tournament Organizer

Basketball Net Manufacturer/Distributor

Bathroom Rugs Mail Order

Bathtub/Counter-top Repair/Refinishing

Bench/Bus Stop Advertising Business

Batting Cage Sales & Service

Beach Concessions Business

Beach Events Organizer

Beach Towel Sales/Website

Bed & Breakfast

Bedspreads, Blankets, Linens (Designer)

Bicycle Rental & Repair Shop

Bicycle Manufacturing

Bike Racing Track

Billiard Cue Manufacturer

Billiard Table Design/Manufacturer

Bio-magnetic Products for Therapy

Biodegradable Products/Sales

Biodegradable Packaging Materials

Biological Farming Products

Bird Seed Processing

Birth-Stone Jewelry

Black Current Farming

Blueberry Farming & Processing

Boarding House

Boat Tours Business

Book Buyers Mailing List Sales

Information/Research finding Service

Bookkeeping Service

Booklet Binding Business

Bookshelf Manufacturer

Boomerang Designer & Manufacturer

Bottled Water Cooler Distribution

Bottled Water Distributor

Bottled Preserves Business

Bowling Alley (themed 50’s 60’s, etc)

Box Manufacturing Plant

Braided Rugs Sales

Branded Licenced Footwear Retailer

Rental Referral Service

Rent-a-Mobile Home Service

Rent-a-Van Service

Rent-to-Own Custom Wheels

Rent A Clown Business

Residential Roof Coating Business

Recording Studio

Residential Lead Inspection Service

Residential air quality analysis service

Residential/Commercial Property Inspections

Residential Transparency Design

Residential/Commercial Pest Control

Restaurant Menu Printing Company

Restaurant Delivery Service

Retail Speciality Cheese Shop

Resume Writing/Review Service

Retailer of Furniture

Retinal Recognition Devises & Systems

Retirement Counselling

Manufacturing Reusable Grocery Bags

Roadside Produce

Rodent (Skunk) Trapping Products

Roller Skate/Blade Rental Stand

Raising Capital Consulting/Ebook

Roommate Finding Service

Ro-to-Tilling Services

Sales Training Consultant

Rust Proofing Service

Rustic Furniture Retailer

RV Sales & Service

Salad Bar Restaurant

Sailboat Leasing Business

Sailing Tours & Expeditions

Sailing Clinic

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