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How to Write a Business Plan, Financial Statements, Business Forecasting and Business Checklist are the main categories of Business Plan Hut. At the very top of each page, you will see these Main Menu categories.

Business Plan Hut is an exceptional business resource which provides in-depth information about starting a business, growing a business and planning the future of a business. Whether you are an existing business owner or one of the millions wanting to start your own venture, Business Plan Hut will guide you through the process.

You’ll discover helpful business tips, business strategies and tons of business resources needed to help achieve and surpass your business goals, aspirations and dreams. For those who have always dreamed of owning a business, Business Plan Hut shows you the steps needed to finally start and run a successful venture. For those of you who currently operate a business, you’ll discover advanced strategies and techniques to help expand and grow a business.

If you don’t already have a business idea or are looking for additional opportunities, simply visit the sections entitled, Types of Business Ideas and Find a Business Idea.  Here you will discover over 1,200 ideas for possible businesses.  The main reason for creating these two articles is to assist visitors in the brainstorming process. 

Our team at Business Plan Hut is dedicated to creating new content frequently to ensure you have up to date business knowledge and business resources.

Below guides you through each of the main menu items at Business Plan Hut. As you can see at the top of this page, the Main Menu items include the following categories:

Writing a Business Plan
Financial Statements
Business Forecasting
Business Checklist


Let's begin the discussion with the first section entitled, "Writing a Business Plan".



The section, entitled, Writing a Business Plan provides an extensive discussion on all the components of a well written business plan.   Throughout our discussion, you'll discover each section contains a number of business plan examples.  The examples appearing in each section of a business plan enables you to better comprehend the importance of each functional area.  Below identifies the categories of a well written Business Plan.  Please Note: It is important to read each category as they appear below.

What is a Business Plan
Title Page of the Business Plan

Table of Contents of
Business Plan

Executive Summary of
Business Plan

Mission Statement and Strategy Statements

Management and Staffing Section of Business Plan

Marketing Components of the Business Plan

Operating Plan of the Business Plan

Financial Section of Business Plan

Appendices of Your Plan

Business Plan Tips



Financial statements are important to businesses, managers, owners and/or investors, to name but a few.  Furthermore, financial statements and a variety of analyses communicate/depict how a business is performing.  Financial statements and financial analysis can be compared from year to year to convey whether the business is improving, declining or remaining relatively stable.

Below identifies the financial statements and financial analyses in which we discuss under the main menu category entitled, "Financial Statements".   Several examples are provided in each chapter, thereby, providing you with a solid understanding of each financial statement and financial analysis.

Chapter 1 Income Statement
Chapter 2 Balance Sheet
Chapter 3 Cash Flow Statement
Chapter 4 Break-Even Analysis
Chapter 5 Ratio Analysis
Chapter 6 Sensitivity Analysis
Chapter 7 Notes to Financial Statements


Business Forecasting, also referred to as financial forecasting, is probably one of the most challenging aspects of business planning.   Most aspiring entrepreneurs hand of the forecasting financial statements to an accounting firm.   Many managers and existing business owners simply use previous year’s financial statements to forecast financial statements for the upcoming years.  Although an acceptable approach, this method can prove dangerous especially if the existing business owner or business manager is unable to comprehend the meaning of the financial statements, not to mention, the important components of forecasting.

The business forecasting section of Business Plan Hut is quite extensive and provides great detail throughout our entire discussion.  One example or case study is used throughout the entire section.  Furthermore, we created a ficitious business which is used to explain the entire process of business forecasting.

Below lists the topics covered under the section entitled, "Business Forecasting".

INTRO  Case Study Example on Business Forecasting
STEP 1 Creating Financial Budgets
STEP 2 Creating a Cash Flow Statement
STEP 3 Creating an Income Statement
STEP 4 Creating a Balance Sheet
STEP 5 Creating a Ratio Analysis
STEP 6 Creating a Break-even Point
STEP 7 Creating a Sensitivity Analysis
STEP 8 Creating Notes to Financial Statements


This section of Business Plan Hut provides a listing of over 200 questions relating to starting a business, growing a business and planning a business.  The business questions are organized by functional area.  Furthermore, the following topics are addressed under the section entitled, Business Checklist.

Business Operating Issues
Marketing and Industry Related Issues
Licenses, Permits, Inspections & Tax Issues
Management and Staffing Issues
Financial Issues


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