Checklist for Starting a Business or Growing a Business

Checklist Questions for Planning a Business:

One major reason for business "failure" is lack of planning. Planning requires time and many do not want to take the necessary time for the planning process. You may have heard of the expression "businesses that fail, do not plan to fail, but rather they fail to plan".

The following provides over 200 questions that, when answered, will help you better understand your particular business or the industry you intend to enter. In addition, these questions will help you considerably when it comes to developing your business plan or expansion plan. Some of the following questions may not relate to your particular business, but MOST of them will. At any rate, answering or considering the questions that apply to your particular business will improve your chance for business success.

For your convenience, the checklist questions for developing a business plan or creating an expansion plan have been organized into the following categories.

A)  Business Operating Issues
B)  Marketing and Industry Related Issues
C)  Licenses, Permits, Inspections & Tax Issues
D)  Management and Staffing Issues
E)  Financial Issues


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