Other Important Issues for Starting and Growing a Business

C)   Licenses, Permits, Inspections and Taxes:

102. Does your product meet all government standards? What standards apply, if any?

103. Are you required to charge municipal, state/provincial, and/or federal sales taxes?

104. Have you contacted the approximate government entities to acquire the necessary tax forms for registering?

105. Does your business require any special tax, licenses, permits or inspections?

106. Have you checked with municipal zoning laws to verify that you can start a business in the proposed area, town, community, city, etc?

107. Does your product, service or business have any safety related issues or concerns?

108. Do you need to protect your business idea?

109. Do you require an import/export permit?

110. Do you require a manufacturer's permit?

111. If you intend to renovate or construct a building to house your business, have you acquired the necessary building permits, if applicable in your area.

112. Will your business require a health inspection prior to opening?

113. Will your business require a fire inspection prior to opening?

114. Are you required to have any special insurance coverage for your type of business?

115. If your business deals with hazardous wastes, for example, are you aware of the proper means of disposing of such environmental contaminants? Be sure to address any concerns or special permits required. Also, be sure you are aware of any special costs associated with proper disposal or cost of the actual license/permit/inspection.

116. Will you require an environmental assessment prior to starting or expanding your business?

117. Below lists a number of permits, inspections and licenses that are required by various types of businesses. Note: this is not a complete listing, rather the purpose here is to show you that many permits, inspections and licenses have been legislated by various municipal, state/provincial and federal governments.

Air Quality Permit/Inspection
Amusement Ride Inspection
Auctioneer License
Automobile Junk Yard License
Barrier Free Design Regulation & Inspection
Boiler (heating) Inspections
Building Extension Permit
Burning (controlled burn) Permits
Business Name Registration/License
Business Signage Permit
Lottery License
Child Care & Early Childhood License
Commercial Boat Registration
Commercial Well Approval Certificate
Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs
Culvert Permit
Direct Sellers License
Education/Academic Instruction License
Electrical Inspection
Electrical Permit
Elevator Permit
Entrance Way Permit
Exporting Permit
Firearms Permit
Food Labeling Certificate
Gasoline Tax License
Highway Permits/Highway Scales
Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Facility License
Liquor License
Special Event Liquor Licenses
Marine Safety Certificate
Mechanics License
Mechanics Vehicle Inspection License
Moving a Building Permits
Music License (playing recorded music in public area)
Motor Vehicle on a Beach/ Sand Dune Permit
Ozone Depleting Substances
Passenger Car Trailer Registration
Petroleum Tank Contractor License
Petroleum Tank Inspection (underground)
Pressure Vessel Inspection
Professional Designation Certificate and License
Propane Gas Inspection & Certificate
Property Taxes Registration
Real Estate License
Registered Handler License
Registered Farm Equipment and Vehicles
Registry of Deeds
Septic Tank Permit
Sewage Disposal System Pumpers License
Sewage Hook Up Inspection
Sub-Division of Property Inspection/Permit
Swimming Pool Installation Inspection
Tire Tax Permit & License
Tobacco Permit
Truck Driving School License
Used Oil Collector’s License
Food Poisoning Facility Inspection
Vehicle Dealer’s License
Video Store Rentals and Sales (Films Act)
Waste and Recycling Permits
Waste Resource Management Regulations
Water Hook Up Inspection
Water Well Permit
Watercourse Alteration Permit
Well Driller Contractor’s License
Website Address (Domain) Registration

HINT: Contact your local, state/provincial and federal government department and ask what licenses, permits and inspections are necessary for your specific business. It’s as easy as that. Each government department can be found in your local telephone directory.


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