Creating a Table of Contents for a Business Plan

Table of Contents of Your Business Plan

The table of contents identifies the "titles" of each section within your business plan. This allows the reader easy and fast access to major sections and subsections through page numbering.

The structure of the table of contents varies depending upon the business venture.  The following "Main Headings", however,  are generally identified:


The Executive Summary
The Mission and Strategy Statements
Management and Human Resources
Marketing & Promotions
Operations of the Business
The Financial Plan
Appendices and Supporting Data


Please Note:

The Table of Contents is generally the final item completed in the business plan.

Each main heading should have sub-sections and each sub-section should have page numbers. This will provide direction to specific issues outlined in your business plan.  See examples below for details.


J&B Incorporated
Scholarship Information Services
The Internet Company
The XYZ Company


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