Effective ways to Support Employees

Supporting Employees

Management practices required to reach corporate goals and objectives have under gone a dramatic change. The old functions, especially control and coercion, have been pushed aside to make way for new functions which support, inspire and challenge members of your company to achieve success.

Good managers know the company, as a whole, benefits from employees who 1) ask questions when they need answers, 2) address concerns when they have them, and 3) contribute ideas to help the company grow and prosper. These employees are more likely to show initiative if they are given the support of the manager, and if the manager encourages & welcomes their questions & ideas. Employees must also be provided with the necessary resources and training in order to complete required tasks. This combination will enable managers to bring out the best in their employees, which ultimately benefits the entire company.

Support Employee Efforts
If employees are to be motivated, they have to feel the company and its managers support their efforts. Managers have to set the example that effort is supported even if mistakes happen occasionally. Employees won't try a second time if they feel they are being punished for making an honest mistake. As a manager, before "blowing your cool" over small errors in judgement, remember "making mistakes is the best way to learn".

Support Employee Suggestions
It is also important to allow your employees to communicate openly with each other and with you about the problems they see within the company. They may also offer suggestions for rectifying those problems. Remember, employees are the individuals who work "hands-on" every day and therefore may see a problem or solution easier and quicker than someone outside the department or boardroom. As a manager or owner of a business, never feel threatened by suggestions made by your employees. You may feel employees will question you ability to operate the company if you ask for suggestions. The real message you are sending, however, is that you appreciate the intelligence of your employees. The objective is to improve and allow your company to grow and prosper.

Offer Adequate Knowledge, Training and Support
If you expect employees to achieve company goals, they must receive adequate knowledge, training and support regarding tactics or strategies being used to achieve those goals. Employees must also be provided with necessary resources for completing tasks. For example, a clothing manufacturing company wants to promote its new spring fashions to customers. Salespeople must be supplied with catalogues, price lists, and sample merchandise to effectively close a sale. Being well equipped, enables employees to stay motivated and productive.

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