Free Sample Business Plan - Customer Profile for J&B Incorporated


As mentioned earlier, the Company's primary target market will be individuals wanting to establish a home based business, while our secondary target will be those wanting to start a business in general. It is extremely difficult to create a precise customer profile, since many of the our customers will span such a wide range of each segmentation variable. We do, however feel our customers will have the following characteristics;

Age: between 20 and 45
Sex: 65% male, 35% female
Income: between $15,000 - $50,000
Occupation: unemployed, office workers, low to middle level mangers, blue collar
Education: varied educational backgrounds
Geographic: Year 1 - Eastern, Year 2 - Central and Year 3 - Western U.S.
Reasons for Wanting to Own a Business: - the desire to make more money
- see their peers, families, and others doing it
- for power and prestige
- to have more control over their lives and in the work they do
- the desire for greater time flexibility
- more freedom & independence
- to feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment
- the freedom to make one's own decisions
- down sizing or loss of employment
- for the challenge
- for the excitement
- to prove to themselves and others that they can do it
Method of Acquiring Business Training: Our customers are anticipated to purchase inexpensive, self-directed training products that heighten their chances of owning their own business. (Opposed to university training, college courses and government sponsored entrepreneurship class-room training programs.
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