Geographic Segmentation and segmenting the market


Geographic Segmentation is used to identify specific regions, city size, and densities.

What region(s) will your customer reside? What is the City Size of these regions and how many people are in your target market? Will you focus your marketing efforts only in urban areas, suburban areas or rural areas? Below depicts examples of Geographic Segmentation Variables? Which Variables apply to your particular product/business/customer?

    Region  -  Eastern US, Central US, Western Us, Canadian Prairies, Ohio, Utah, Ontario

    City  -  Under 1000, 1000-2999, 3000-4999, 5000-9999, 10000-14999, 15000-24999, 25000-49999, 50,000-99 999, 100,000-199,999, 200,000-299,999, 300,000-399,999, 400,000-499,999, over 500,000

    Density  -  Urban, suburban, rural

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