Types of Revenue

Types of Revenue

The types of revenue a business develops in their chart of accounts will depend upon the actual activities performed or carried out by the company.  Retail businesses generally have different types of revenue accounts compared to service providers.  Similarly, a manufacturing company, in most cases, will have different types of revenue accounts relative to a retailer.

The various types of revenue appear on the income statement opposed to the balance sheet.  Furthermore, revenue is subtracted from operating expenses to arrive at net earnings.

The definition of revenue is an inflow of cash received in exchange for goods, products, or services sold to customers.  Revenues also include dividend revenue, interest revenue, investment revenue, and the like.

In this article, you will discover over 400 types of revenues.  We have included a wide range consisting of types of revenue for a retailer, types of revenu for a service, and types of revenue for a manufacturer.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to an extensive listing of types of revenue used by millions of businesses.  Although other types of revenue exist, the forgoing will help you get started with your revenue accounts.

Below begins our types of revenue listing.  At the end of this particular article, you will discover three additional links to the remaining types of revenue.

Types of Revenue 1:

  • Advertising Revenue
  • Advertising Commission Revenue
  • Aerial Photography Revenue
  • Aerobic Instructor Revenue
  • Affiliate Commission Revenue
  • Agricultural Consulting Revenue
  • Air and Water Purification Sales Revenue
  • Air Conditioning Product Revenue
  • Air Quality Analysis Revenue
  • Amusement Park Revenue
  • Animal Daycare Revenue
  • Antique Re-upholstering Revenue
  • Antique Photo Studio Revenue
  • Antique Replica Retail Revenue
  • Antique Shop Revenue
  • Art Instruction/School Revenue
  • Art Supplies Revenue
  • Arts & Craft Revenue
  • Artwork Gallery Revenue
  • Athletic Uniforms Revenue
  • Audio Bookstore Revenue
  • Auto Painting Shop Revenue
  • Auto Sales Commission
  • Automobile Dent Repair Revenue
  • Baby Furniture Revenue
  • Baby Supplies Revenue
  • Backyard Hockey Rink Making Revenue
  • Bagel Shop Sales & Revenue
  • Bakery Revenue
  • Bar Club Revenue
  • Barber Shop Service Revenue
  • Bartering System Sales and Revenue
  • Baseball/Sport Tournament Organizing Revenue
  • Beach Concessions Revenue
  • Bed & Breakfast Revenue
  • Bicycle Rental & Repair Revenue
  • Blueberry Processing Revenue
  • Boarding Revenue
  • Boat Tours Revenue
  • Bookkeeping Revenue
  • Bottled Water and Beverage Revenue
  • Bowling Alley Revenue
  • Building Restoration Revenue
  • Burglar Alarm Retail Revenue
  • Business Development Software Revenue
  • Business Training Video Revenue
  • Business Card Printing Revenue
  • Business Plan Writing Revenue
  • Cabinet Making Revenue
  • Campground Revenue
  • Camping Equipment Revenue
  • Candle Making Revenue
  • Canoe Rental Revenue
  • Car Cleaning Revenue
  • Car Restoration Revenue
  • Carpet Cleaning Revenue
  • Cartooning Business Revenue
  • Catalogue Printing Revenue
  • Child Care Revenue
  • Chimney Sweep Revenue
  • China Repairs & Restoration Revenue
  • Children Learning Software Revenue
  • Cider Production Revenue
  • Clothing Alteration Revenue
  • Collections Agency/Service Revenue
  • Computer Camp Revenue
  • Convenience Store Revenue
  • Costume Design Revenue
  • Cottage Furniture Storage Revenue
  • Cottage Rental Revenue
  • Creative Advertisement Design Revenue
  • Credit Counselling Revenue
  • Custom Closets Installation Revenue
  • Dance Studio Revenue
  • Day Care Revenue
  • Deep Sea Fishing Revenue
  • Dental Billing Service Revenue
  • Desktop Publishing Revenue
  • Digital Imaging Revenue
  • Discount Fabric Revenue
  • Divident Revenue
  • DJ Service Revenue
  • Doll Repair Revenue
  • Dry-Cleaning Revenue
  • Drywall Revenue
  • Electric Wiring Revenue
  • Electric Bathroom Mirror Defogger Revenue
  • Electronic Toy Retail Revenue
  • Environmental Waste Elimination Revenue
  • Equipment Leasing Revenue
  • Event Decorating Revenue
  • Exercise Clothing Revenue
  • Exotic Lingerie Revenue
  • Fabric & Material Revenue
  • Farm Touring Revenue
  • First Aid Instruction Revenue
  • Fishing Supplies Revenue
  • Fitness Consultant/Instructor Revenue
  • Floor Refinishing Revenue
  • Flower Stand Revenue
  • Food Delivery Service Revenue
  • Food Catering Revenue
  • Fragrance Revenue
  • Furniture Rental Revenue
  • Furniture Chip/Scratch Repair Revenue
  • Furniture Sales Revenue
  • Furniture Stripping Revenue
  • Garage Junk Removal Revenue
  • Garden Planting Service Revenue
  • Gazebo Designer/Manufacturing Revenue
  • General Wholesaling Revenue
  • Gift Shop Revenue
  • Gift Basket Arrangement Revenue
  • Glass Manufacturing Revenue
  • Glass Flower Revenue
  • Glass Cutting Revenue

Other Types of Revenue

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