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Title Page Example - THe XYZ Company Business Plan

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Free Sample Business Plan - Operations Section for J&B Incorporated


J&B's Operations (product strategy) section of the business plan consists of eight (8) Parts. They are as follows:


Sample Business Plan - Management and Staff for J&B Incorporated

Management & Staffing of the Business Plan
(Scholarship Information Services)

Under the management and staffing section, the focal points include; a description of management's (owner's) background, management's philosophy, managerial and corporate culture, labour force and training required, and employee decision and reward systems.


Free Sample Business Plan - Current Product of J&B Incorporated


This section addresses J&B Incorporated's Initial Product, Additional Development Costs, and Sequential Objectives.

Free Sample Business Plan - Operation Section of The Internet Company

OPERATIONS Section of the Business Plan
(The Internet Company)


The Internet Company will register its business name, under the Corporations' Act, as a limited company in January of 200X. Other items of interest under the operations section include:

  • Direct Materials
  • Direct Labor
  • Operational Porcess
  • Capital Equipment Required
  • Corporate Location


Title Page Example - The Internet Company's Business Plan

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Free Sample Business Plan - Business Profile of The Maple Syrup Company

BUSINESS PROFILE (The Maple Syrup Company)

The Maple Syrup Company is a partnership between two established Smith Island farmers; namely; Mr. Peter MacLean and Mr. Douglas MacMillan. The owners intend to utilize available woodlots to process sap into pure maple syrup products.

What is a business plan?

What is a Business Plan

A business plan is a devise used to develop or define business initiatives. It is often compared to a blueprint or road map. Planning a business and mapping out its course can prevent serious mistakes and uncover fatal defects. Errors made on paper are less devastating and, in most cases, can be easily corrected. Errors made during the actual operation of the business, however, can prove detrimental to its future existence.

Free Sample Business Plan - Distribution Strategy for J&B Incorporated

PART B - Distribution Strategy

Distribution refers to the methods used to sell products and the channels in which products pass before reaching the end-consumer. Below discusses our currently planned distribution strategies as well as a variety of future distribution possibilities.

Title Page Example - Scholarship Information Services Business Plan


Scholarship Information Services 
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