Types of Business Insurance


The operating plan should indicate the all types of insurance your proposed business venture require. The type of insurance a business will need certainly depends on the nature of the business.   The operating Plan will simply list each type of insurance, the name of each insurance company, broker or agent, the cost of each type of insurance, when each insurance payment is to be paid, and the reason the business requires the identified insurances.

To develop an insurance strategy for your business, consult several insurance companies and existing entrepreneurs. Be Careful - you don't want to be under or over covered.

Below lists several types of business insurances which may apply to your Operating Plan.

General Liability Insurance Term Life Insurance
Product Liability Insurance Medical Insurance
Automobile Liability Insurance Group Insurance
Fire & Theft Liability Insurance Worker's Compensation Insurance
Business Interruption Insurance Shareholders' or Partner's Insurance
Personal Disability Insurance Overhead Expense Insurance
Key Person Insurance Malpractice Insurance
Business Loan Insurance Errors and Omissions Insurance
Crime Insurance Glass Insurance
Personal Insurance Marine Insurance

 For more information relating to the Components of the Operating Plan, visit to the section labelled Operating Plan.

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